I am interested in tiling, tessellation, packing and covering.
Now, I study the convex pentagonal tiling problem mainly.




 Model of convex pentagonal tiles (Japanese)

Latest Activities


• Tilings by convex pentagons

(The Twenty-fourth Numazu Meeting, Numazu College of Technology, Mar 7, 2017).

• Convex pentagon tilings and heptamonds

(Intuitive Geometry, Kumamoto University, Feb 11, 2017).

• Tilings that can be formed by convex pentagons (Rice1995)

(82nd Symposium of Society for Science on Form,Oct 8, 2016).

• Convex pentagonal tiles

(Intuitive Geometry, Kumamoto University, Feb 7, 2016).

• Consideration of Periodic Tilings by Convex Pentagons

(77th Symposium of Society for Science on Form, Jun 14, 2014).

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